Embracing Veganuary and Dry January at Sheffield's Leopold Square

As the new year unfolds, Leopold Square's diverse array of restaurants and bars are embracing the popular lifestyle choices of Veganuary and Dry January. Whether you're diving into Veganuary, exploring the benefits of Dry January, or just looking for a great place to kick back and enjoy exceptional dining and drinks, we have something special in store for you.

Veganuary at Leopold Square

Our restaurants are rising to the occasion, making Veganuary in Sheffield a delectable experience for plant-based enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned vegan or just keen to try something different, our restaurants have crafted menus that celebrate the richness of plant-based cuisine.

1. Zizzi

A group of people enjoying food in a restaurant and pictures of vegan food and mocktails on offer at the tenants of Leopold Square in Sheffield

Head to Zizzi and enjoy traditional Italian flavours with plant-powered goodness. As well as a vegan antipasti garlic bread being introduced as a new year special, you can also indulge in other options from its menu, including the vegan rainbow lasagne, rustica fable shiitake shroom, bruschetta, zillionaire's fudge cake, raspberry Collins cheesecake, and more. View Zizzi's full menu here.

2. Pho

Impressively, Pho's menu is 40% vegan, showcasing the deliciousness of vegan Vietnamese cuisine. From crispy spring rolls served with lettuce and herbs to wrap and dip, to tofu and button mushrooms, and fresh fruit sorbets, Pho is a must-visit spot for those seeking a culinary adventure. Click here to view Pho's vegan menu.

3. The Botanist

Among The Botanist's stellar vegan menu offerings are its famous vegan meatball hanging kebabs, bang bang cauliflower, vegan katsu curry, and banoffee sundae, a sweet symphony of caramelized banana, dairy-free ice cream, and crunchy biscuit crumbs.

4. Cubana

Kickstart your Veganuary journey at Cubana, where the chefs have curated a tantalising vegan menu. From flavour-packed sautéed garlic mushrooms cooked with fresh thyme and a touch of white wine, to grilled asparagus served on a bed of spinach and fresh tomatoes, each dish highlights the vibrant colours and diverse flavours of plant-based ingredients. Check out Cubana's vegan menu.

5. Wagamama

The lion's mane 'steak' bulgogi, introduced as a Veganuary exclusive, brings together udon noodles, aubergine, and caramelized onion in an amai miso sauce. The dish is completed by the star of the show, a smoky lion's mane mushroom 'steak', which is drizzled with Korean barbecue sauce and adorned with sesame seeds, kimchee, spring onion, red chilli, and coriander. With 50% of their main menu being plant-based offerings, Wagamama stands out as a destination that welcomes Veganuary enthusiasts.

Dry January in style

For those embracing Dry January, Leopold Square's bars have crafted an enticing array of alcohol-free alternatives and mocktails that prove abstaining from alcohol doesn't mean compromising on taste or fun.

At Zizzi, you'll find their latest special, the Sipsmith FreeGlider and raspberry fizz mocktail, which comes topped with fizzy fruit flavoured jellies. Dining at Pho? Why not try their non-alcoholic mojito, negroni spritz or gin and tonic. 

Mocktails are part of Bamboo Door's repertoire all year round, which are made to order and only £3 during happy hour – every Sunday to Friday until 7pm. Mocktails are also on the menu at The Botanist where you can enjoy a blackberry rhubarb cooler, forest spritz, mind mojito, or botanist lemonade – all delicious and alcohol free.

Cubana's alcohol-free Prosecco provides a bubbly treat without the alcohol content, allowing you to toast the start of the year with all the excitement and none of the spirits.

Whether you're exploring Veganuary or embracing Dry January, Leopold Square in Sheffield is your go-to destination for a refreshing start to the year. Indulge in tantalising vegan delights, sip on exquisite alcohol-free beverages, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere, right here in the heart of Sheffield.

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